PÅRTICLE KID ~ "TOE-TAPPERS (Songs For A Mediocre Depression)" on Bandcamp.com

This is an ongoing album I started working on last year. I wanted to make an album of catchy, dance-able songs that one can sing along to yet lyrically extremely sad and depressing.
Whenever a very dark or sad song would come on my father would always say "well there's a nice little toe-tapper for ya".
Most of the songs that will end up on it are not recorded yet, but I didn't want to wait any longer to put the finished ones out, since I recorded them back in November of 2012.
I will release more 'toe-tappers' as I finish them and add them to this online album.

Stay 'in-tune'

~ micah

"I've received the greatest of compliments that one can receive as a songwriter, that being this sensational cover of Even You, a song I wrote a couple of years ago that could not be more relevant today, arranged and performed by Micah Nelson. In addition, Micah's original song Paper Dragons is chilling and hypnotic. These two songs are the beginning of the album "Toe-Tappers" and this already a spectacular album with more to come." ~ JOHN CAELAN


released 02 May 2013
Produced and recorded by Micah Nelson (Particle Kid).

Album artwork by Micah Nelson & Vincent Van Gogh ( a post-modern take on Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, "The Potato Eaters".

Micah Nelson: vocals, guitars, piano, harmonica, charango, drums, bass
Lyrics and melody: John Caelan

Micah Nelson: vocals, guitars, bass, drums, synth, piano, charango
Lyrics and melody: Micah Nelson